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XCOM 200 Capstone Discussion QuestionFor more course tutorials visit
www.tutorialoutlet.comXCOM 200 Week 1 CheckPoint: Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
XCOM 200 Week 2 CheckPoint: Troublesome Listening Barriers
XCOM 200 Week 2 Assignment: Listening Barriers Paper
XCOM 200 Week 3 CheckPoint: Word Barriers
XCOM 200 Week 4 CheckPoint: Intercultural Barriers in America
XCOM 200 Week 4 Assignment: Intercultural Barriers in Film Paper
XCOM 200 Week 5 CheckPoint: Nonverbal Communication Codes
XCOM 200 Week 6 CheckPoint: Image Makeover
XCOM 200 Week 6 Assignment: Self-Esteem and Peer Perception Analysis
XCOM 200 Self-Esteem Survey Appendix D
XCOM 200 Peer-Perception Survey Appendix E
XCOM 200 Week 7 CheckPoint: Attraction and Power in Interpersonal Relationships
XCOM 200 Week 8 CheckPoint: Using Relationship Management Skills Ethically
XCOM 200 Week 8 Assignment: Managing Relationships Paper
XCOM 200 Using Language Effectively PART 1/2
XCOM 200 Using Language Effectively PART 2/2
XCOM 200 Week 1 DQs
XCOM 200 Week 2 DQs
XCOM 200 Week 3 DQs
XCOM 200 Week 4 DQs
XCOM 200 Week 5 DQs
XCOM 200 Capstone Discussion Question
XCOM 200 Final Project: Conflict Management Microsoft® PowerPoint® Presentation
*************************************************************************************************************XCOM 200 Final Project: Conflict Management Microsoft® PowerPoint® Presentation
For more course tutorials visit
www.tutorialoutlet.comReview the final project criteria in Appendix A.
Create a plan to manage an interpersonal relationship challenge that you or someone you know is currently experiencing. This plan must be delivered as a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with a minimum of 10 slides. o Describe the parties involved and the nature of the conflict. o Identify at least two specific issues or barriers that are contributing to the conflict.
o Identify the management style you most commonly use when…