WWII and its importance to america

Posted by admin on December 17, 2017 in Articles

World War II was one of the most important battles in not just world history, but also American History. With the beginning of the second Great War can new advances in American technology, economic changes within the country, and changes to foreign policy. This war not only shaped the world, but helped to make America one of the greatest countries in the world to this day.
With World War I just a few decades old, the world was beginning to pick up the pieces of destruction. Many lives had been lost and the signing of peace treaties was supposed to bring stability and security; however, this peace would not last. On September first 1939, Germany invaded Poland and thus began the start to World War II. America did not get involved in the war until December seventh 1941, when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. By that time, The Axis Powers had invader or controlled much of Europe and the western pacific.
Before 1941 America had no intention of joining the war, essentially there was no threat to the country and politically there were no benefits to becoming involved in a war not aimed at them. On the morning of December seventh 1941 the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, damaging four U.S. Navy battleships, and sinking four of them. The Japanese also destroyed three cruisers, three destroyers, an anti-aircraft training ship, one minelayer, and 188 aircraft. 2,403 Americans were killed and 1,178 others were wounded in the attack, with the Japanese suffering minimal losses due to the surprise of the unprepared Americans’ at the base. The Japanese meant for this attack to be a type of deterrence to ensure that America would stay out of the fight; however, the brutality of the Japanese attack had the opposite effect on American public opinion and going to was whole heartedly supported.
With America’s involvement now fully underway, the country had much to do in terms of supporting the war effort. Many women got jobs at factories that built newly designed jets…