What need to pay attention to buy ice cream machine

Posted by admin on January 27, 2018 in Articles

The weather began to heat up, all kinds of can cool the food more and more, especially ice cream.But because of the food safety issues, and were afraid to eat ice cream to those outside, so many friends are more willing to make ice cream to eat at home, health and safety.The household ice cream machine will play a bigger role.So, how do you buy ice cream machine myself likingIn fact, buying ice cream machine, don’t compare prices first, but to clear yourself to do what kind of ice cream, and then look at the performance of the machine, color, quality, service, quality, size, origin, price, and many other factors, to make a choice according to the requirements.
First of all, because the ice cream machine with soft and hard ice cream machine, ice cream machine soft ice cream cone machine can do like McDonald’s, hard ice cream machine can make ice cream balls, etc.Therefore, according to their own needs, which is a kind of want to buy.Have inside information, however, shows that there is a called honey more intelligent home ice cream machine will be listed on the mid to late may, this kind of new intelligent products will be able to do two types of ice cream, at present, there are few this kind of multi-functional household ice cream machine.
And look at the performance of the ice cream machine, for example, if you pay more attention to the convenience of operating the machine, then you have to consider what the machine technology will affect the rate of production of ice cream.Without compressor ice cream machine, for example, there are some models and refrigeration equipment almost need one day in advance to prepare, and those with compressor machine can quickly make ice cream, but the price is more expensive.As mentioned above honey more than ice cream machine, because using the most advanced electronic chip cooling technology, do not need to use the refrigerator refrigeration, simple manufacturing steps,…