Weight Problem

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Denicqua Joseph
Professor Orshan
ENG 111-08
30 November 2014
Weight Problem
Have you noticed how quickly developed or overweight the children of the up coming generations are becoming? If you were to walk into an elementary school or high school you would realize the amount of obese children within that area. Childhood obesity in the United States is becoming an epidemic; it’s increasing every year. It’s been proven that the increase in childhood obesity is leading to health problems in children previously seen only in adults. The increase of childhood obesity is often caused by a lack of exercise, the child’s genetic make-up, as well as the socioeconomic status and the market price of healthy eating.
The lack of exercise children obtain in school plays a role in the increase of childhood obesity. The National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NAPSE) asserts a claim that recommends “At least one hour of physical activity per day, but schools do not provide this level of exercise” (Childhood par.11). The NAPSE is a publication that defines what a student should know and be able to do as a result of a quality physical education program. They help schools to meet, develop or revise existing standards, frameworks, and curricula. The source then states,“ Although numerous studies show that exercise reduces the risk of type two diabetes and obesity, aids emotional health, and improves the development of healthy bones and muscles, few schools provide the minimum recommended amount of physical education to their students” (Childhood par.11). The fact that one-hour of exercise per day can make a significant difference, yet the majority of the schools don’t enforce that the minimum implemented, shows why the obesity rate is going to continue to increase as well as the health risks that children are up against. If most of the schools would make it mandatory and make it a priority that these children exercise for at least the minimum of an hour per day,…