We are all Quants now

Posted by admin on February 13, 2018 in Articles

Formal Academic Critique: We Are All Quants Now
Ghada Yousef Hasan Awad
American University of Sharjah
In the article “We Are All Quants Now,” (2014) Paula Marantz Cohen discusses the fact that most of today’s generation rely on the approval they receive through quantitative analysis in the form of ‘likes’ and how this has come to affect their way of thinking. Cohen, a grand English professor received her BA in English and French from Yale University and her PhD in English from Columbia. She published several books and essays; one of her recent academic books is “Silent Film and the Triumph of the American Myth”. Cohen is recognized for her literary works during the nineteenth and early twentieth century. The author is not specialized in Computer-Science, or Sociology, which undermines her credibility.
In her article “ We Are All Quants Now, What’s ‘like’ got to do with it? A lot – but not everything”, (2014) Paula Marantz Cohen discusses how people use quantitative analysis to evaluate themselves. Approval is measured using quantitative analysis in the form of ‘likes’, therefore altering the way our educational systems manifest ideas in their students. Similarly, profit-making corporations are mirroring this very behavior. As human beings, this affects our inward thinking. Cohen elaborates on her discomfort regarding this modern aspect that conflict with her constricted perspective. The author then argues the existence of two extreme sides to such an epidemic of society; advantages seem to prevail over the disadvantages in the way they urge us back to a simpler, more practical time.
An objection can be raised regarding the author’s support strategies. Firstly, Cohen relies heavily on hasty generalizations numerous times providing minimum evidence to validate her argument. Secondly, the author states her opinion too many times without providing any factual evidence or statistical proof to support her points. Cohen’s…