Vertical layers horizontal single shell cylindrical container continuous deodorization process

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Raw materials in a splash baffle deodorization in degassing, and the deodorization oil preheating in the external heat exchanger heat exchanger (province).And then into the people at the bottom of the heat collector coil assembly, by a coil around the further heating oil deodorization.Oil continued to rise to the upper heater, with submerged in oil in the high pressure water vapor in the vacuum tube heating oil reached the highest processing temperature.palm oil processing plantHeat oil by gravity discharge into one or more of the deodorization device, stripping, deodorization and heat bleaching.These containers to the upper and lower double structure, make the grease can through container twice, when through by immersion in oil vapor heating tube to keep temperature, has deodorization oil into heat collector, under the vacuum precooling, and further in the province of external heat exchanger and adjacent to the external cooler cooling, and then sent to the storage after fine filter.
All containers are designed to make oil flow from one end to another end in a single process, through a set of vertical baffle plate, after oil into one layer or the next below the container.Normal work, from the overflow tube to keep liquid level, and as a raw material oil change and parking prepared separate discharge valve.Stir and stripping steam by along the length of the container multiple sets of pipe distributor injection.draught fan
Along the cylinder height from multiple points on a tube steam in the collection of each container, and into the main pipe, manifold and mixing spray and packed tower type of fat content are connected to the condenser.Figure 6-44 is a film and with a vertical cascade separation chamber (tray) of the single shell tower continuous deodorization process.Raw materials in the spray degasser degassing, two external heat exchanger in the heat exchanger (province) by oil preheating after deodorization, and then into the vacuum heater, by…