UOP ECO 212 Entire Course

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ECO 212 Final Exam GuideCheck this A+ tutorial guideline athttp://www.assignmentcloud.com/ECO-212/ECO-212-Final-Exam
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ECO 212 Week 1 Individual How People Make Economic Decisions PaperCheck this A+ tutorial guideline athttp://www.assignmentcloud.com/ECO-212/ECO-212-Week-1-Individual-How-People-Make-Economic-Decisions-Paper
•    Resources: Principles of Economics textbook, articles, and personal experience.
•    Write a 350- to 700-word paper in which you address the following: 
o    List and briefly explain the four principles of individual decision-making.
o    Provide an example of a decision in which you compared the marginal benefits and the marginal costs associated with that decision.
o    What were the marginal benefits and marginal costs associated with that decisiono    What incentives could have led you to make a different decisiono    Explain how the principles of economics affect decision-making, interaction, and the workings of the economy as a whole.
•    Cite your references appropriately. If you used an electronic source, follow the rules found on the Hyperlink located in the Course materials folder. Electronic and hard copy articles require the same treatment. They require the same information including but not limited to, author, publication, volume, issue (if available) and page number. Be sure to look articles up for complete information. Do not use Hyperlinks unless all required information is included. The hyperlink…