Unit 3

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Section 1
The role of marketing
For this task I will be covering on of the products of Drayton manor theme park, the product is a ride itself and it’s called ‘Air race’, and the other one will be ………………I will be doing market research on this product then make a booklet which will be useful for Drayton manor.
Definition of marketing and the functions of marketing
Marketing is an activity which is associated with a company with buying and selling a product or a service of a company. In marketing they specialise in advertising, selling and delivering products to customers of the company. People who work for marketing departments look for the target audience for specific product and think out strategies which will make their product to the people those strategies could be brand awareness, logos, slogans and celebrity endorsement. Drayton manor has a new ride called air race which recently opened up this year in July, one of the major way they advertised their new ride was through celebrity endorsement they had a boy band The Vamps who opened up the ride.
This product cost Drayton manor ?1.2 million which included everything in it the labour cost, manufacturing cost etc. this product would need servicing from time to time so it can be in working and safe condition normally all the check-ups happen before the park opens or if it needs to be repaired they would close it down until its safe for the costumers to go on. The way it attracts different audience (different age groups) teenagers would get attracted by famous celebrities going on the ride so they would like to go in it, other age groups would like the colours and the that its new so they would want to go on it. The way Drayton manor gets their fiances from is from their business in years which they have made money than they were expecting maybe because the country’s economy has risen so they would want to get a new ride so their customers would get attracted and would come for the new ride….