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• Know what is meant by and be able to describe what communication is
• Be able to identify types of communication
• Be able to explain types of communication skills WHAT IS COMMUNICATION
• Cultural differences
• 10 Surprising Ways To Offend People In Other Countries https://
• Ability to adapt
• Adapt vocabulary – don’t use jargon or slang; change format of communication to
suit your audience-possibly have more than one method available• Engaging others
• Use of technology; Q & A; modulating your voice: see this link http://
changingminds.org/techniques/language/modifying_meaning/modulation.htm INTERPERSONAL SKILLS
• Methods
• Verbal, non-verbal, signing, lip reading• Techniques and cues
• Use on intonation, body language – positive and negative• Active engagement
• Nodding, summarising, asking questions, eye contact (in some countries) LIFE SKILLS
• Life skills playlist: https://
hKZx8ugj5gLj&index=7• You may also find the following website very useful for information about
communication: https://www.mindtools.com/page8.html COMMUNICATION IN WRITING
• Grammar, spelling and punctuation – proofreading
• Format and structure

•Formal/informalHow do you start written communicationHow should you end written communicationSmileys/emoticons
CapitalisationMost appropriate method: letter, email, text message, faxAppropriate language TASK
• Open assignment one. Below specific attributes, general attitudes and
attitudes, start a new sections under the heading ‘Effective Communication’.
• Under effective communication you need to explain:
• General Communication
• Interpersonal Skills
• Communication in Writing• For each section consider the following:

•What it meansHow to be…