Unit 13 business

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Task 1
Identify how two organisations plan recruitment using internal and external sourcesIntroduction

In this task I will research about Lola Event Agency and Sainsbury’s and explain how they plan recruitment using internal and external sources.
Many organisations like Lola Event and Sainsbury’s set up a recruitment plan. It’s the human resource responsibility in an organisation to create vacancy when it needed. The human resource management in those organisations work out and predict when additional staffs is needed in order to help the company to accomplish and achieved their goals quicker, failing to do so it will have a huge impact on the company which will slow productivity and performance.
Sources of recruitment in an organisation are;
Internal source and
External source
Internal recruitment
This type of recruitment usually takes place within the organisation. Lola Event as they are one of the leading hospitality agencies in London which has over 2,000 employees on their books. On their website they advertise new job opportunities for does who they believe have the right skills for the job. The reason why they recruit staffs internally is because this employee will have adapted to the ways the company operate due to how long they have been working for the agency. There are many ways Lola Event advertise vacancy such as;
They regularly send emails to their top employee with experience to apply to work in other areas within the organisation; this could be becoming a team leader or an ambassador to represent the company at top venues across the UK
They also send newsletter to their employee advertising new vacancies etc.
External source of recruitment
Many organisations use this method of recruitment to recruit someone outside of the business/organisation. Lola Event uses this method and advertises vacancy on college/university website as an opportunity for student to earn money whiles they study. Lola Event use this method of…