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Brianna Reid
English 12
March 17, 2015
Social Media
Debates about the use of social media have received much attention in the last few years. Many people believe that social media may help young children with their social life, enhance creativity through arts and music, technical skills and etc. however, one primary argument espoused by opponents is that, it isn’t really a great idea for adolescents to be using social networks because it is very risky. Implications for social media, therefore, need to include a debate on how social media affects the lives of young children. Although one may argue social networks assist children with homework help, learning about health issues, and developing a social life; however, the truth of the matter is social media hinders our youths function, because there are many things on the internet that may be detrimental, erroneous or even things that youth shouldn’t take seriously.
Social networks have its positive and negative influences on young children, but it might not be as crucial as some people may think. Children on social media has a few benefits, such as giving youth the opportunity to become more advanced with their socialization and communication skills, enhance learning opportunities, and access health information. With the use of social media, adolescents can help their community, create a wider imagination and find new friends. “Using social media provides more learning opportunities, while giving different teaching tools which has the benefit of reinforcing skills in English, written expression and creativity” (O’Keeffe 801).
“Social media is an aspect of the internet which allows individuals and groups to create and publish online content, share the content, and interact about it. Different types of social media include: Facebook and Myspace; Blogs and microblogs (Twitter); The creation and sharing of photos, videos, and artwork on sites like YouTube or Flickr;…