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October 19, 2015
Karis Barnett

Trends PaperEconomic and political activities of the government directly influence the delivery of public services. Human services programs have always been affected, whether it’s directly or indirectly depending on fluctuations in the national economy or the political decisions. “Much of the variation in delivering broad public services and alleviating poverty can be attributed to the way public resources are allocated by politicians” (The world Bank Group, 2011). An important economic event that affected the human service field is the government spending. Budget spending allotted for human services such as food stamps, housing, unemployment, Medicare, and welfare impact the care provided to those in need of assistance. The economy, which is currently under distress, forces people into unemployment, fear of losing their homes, cars, and valuables. The economic hardship has increased the demand of human services for income assistance in the economic sector. This has caused an increase for those applying for services. Sometimes people can experience extreme difficulties which may lead to economic hardship therefore, needing more human services. According to (Woodside & McClam, 2011): “Human service agencies and organizations may be affected in different ways, depending on their relationship to federal and state governments, their funding sources, and their missions. Governmental policies determine who are clients, or the ways that clients may be served. Funding influences the resources that human services professionals have to help the increasing number of those in need.” A great example of how our government affect the human services field is Obama Care and how it is changing the way our country handles healthcare. It is established to eliminate some of the Medicare costs by offering affordable healthcare insurance premiums to all Americans. There is great opposition to this plan because it forces all Americans…