Transistions – effects on young people

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506 4.1 Life Changes
Effect on Young Person
(1)Emotional, affected by personal experience e.g. bereavement, entering/ leaving care
In terms of bereavement, loss and negative personal experience – a young person may experience sadness, depression, low self value, loss of self worth and a loss of direction in life. this may also be similar in cases where a young person enters care after being removed from their family; they may feel abandoned, betrayed let down by their family or experience guilt, transferring blame to themselves for the situation they find themselves in.
This may manifest its self in outbursts of emotion/anger, tearfulness/crying, regression of behaviour. They may become withdrawn, self harm, have loss of appetite, motivation or concentration.
The specific support required would depend on the type of the emotional transition experienced. In terms of cases where a young person enters care, support would come in the form of establishing relationships of trust by meeting the child/ young person’s basic needs. With the consistency of care provided, the child will be build trust that this need will be met. This may then develop towards a young person being able to trust care givers to be able to share in and cope with their personal experiences.
In terms of loss and bereavement, supportive relationships can provide consistency in talking and communicating in ways that will help a child to begin to understand and come to terms with loss.
(2)Physical e.g. moving to a new educational establishment, a new home/locality, from one activity to another, between a range of care givers on a regular basisThe transition in terms of moving to a new school/ educational establishment can often be daunting experience. They will inevitably be leaving behind peers and any friendships…