Time Management Essay

Posted by admin on January 25, 2018 in Articles

Time Management is the concept we discussed in class most recently but I disagree with the fact that we cannot “manage” time. I agree with the fact we cannot “change” time as there are in fact 24-hours in a day, however we can manage those 24-hours and how we use them. This could be a question of semantics regarding how we think of the word manage but it’s my belief managing time is quite possible and in fact imperative. My previous 17-years of working full time in some type of sales position has taught me much about proper time management and using the time I have in a normal work day to maximize my earning potential. Now as a student I believe it works the same as it did in my professional life, just in a different format. I’m no longer using the time I have to manage my work schedule and client appointments but rather to arrange each day in my week so I can get the most out of the time I spend doing homework, playing for the GSU Golf Team, and visiting with family and friends.
With this new chapter in my life as a full time student I find myself with different priorities. As I’ve chosen to return to school after a 10+ year absence, attending classes both in person and online is my top priority, along with the required online posts and homework associated with these classes. Secondly, I’ve committed to GSU to accept a scholarship to play on the Men’s Golf Team, so this is also a top priority of mine. We have practices and tournaments we’re required to play in and represent the university to the best of our ability. As my family is very important to me, making time to be with my loved ones is a top priority of mine. My parents, older sister and her family, and older brother and his family are all in the immediate area of where I live, as well as my girlfriend. Making time for all of these people is very important in order to balance a proper school and social life. And finally, under the Time Management Tips General Advice Section, exercise. I…