Thurgood Marshall Organizational Conflict

Posted by admin on February 14, 2018 in Articles

Thurgood Marshall High School is a case study in organizational conflict. Conflict occurs on three levels – intrapersonal, intragroup and intergroup and result from organizational structure and personal factors. The result is poor productivity, frustration, and a loss of trust. In order to successfully manage the organizational issues at Thurgood Marshall High School, the sources of conflict must first be properly identified, along with the effects on each of the three levels of conflicts established. Without proper conflict identification, appropriate development and execution of intervention strategies is not possible. It has been established that Thurgood Marshall High School is compromised as an organization by staff disagreement on several levels with regard to different issues (security, house and free marketing systems, and flexible staffing) – all of which are exacerbated with operational limitations, most notably security issues and budget constraints resulting in limited personnel. Compounding these issues of conflict is the fact that upper-level staff members maintain narrow views and are resistant to accommodation or compromise. In addition, the staff as a whole lacks effective conflict resolution techniques, a necessary component of the workplace. Successful techniques involve effective listening, impartiality, group discussions, and consensus building.
The approach to solutions regarding conflict resolution are both sociological and psychological. Conflicts are often resolved by changing an existing set of relationships, and/or altering one’s values and behaviors within the context of their relationships. Conflict resolution requires effective leadership, problem solving abilities, and decision-making skills. The conflict management strategies recommended at Thurgood Marshall High School involve re-defined leadership, a program to help organizational members become aware of effective conflict resolution skills, listening to teachers, sharing of…