the tribe

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1. AztecMontezuma or more correctly Motecuhzoma II or ‘angry like a Lord’ was the last fully independent ruler of the Aztec empire before the empire collapse at the hands of the Spanish. Taking the position of tlatoati, meaning ‘speaker’ during the time he expanded the empire and was considered a God his people and manifestation and perpetuator of the sun.
Motecuhzoma commanded, then, and empire which stretched from northern limits of Mexico to today’s Guatemala. Indeed he even expended it and fought four major was. These subjects states all paid tribute as indicted in the Aztec tax records. Tribute could take the form of traditional precious materials such as gold and jade exotic feathers and even animals such as eagles.2. Conquistadors
The ancestors of the Aztecs once a despised group of nomadic hunters from northwestern Mexico, received a divine command to leave their homeland. After wondering for more than 100 years in the dessert they reached the shores of Lake Texecoco in fertile valley to settle there. When the existing habitants forced them off the Aztecs took refuge in the swamps.
From their modest beginnings in the swamps of Lake Texecoco, the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan grew in size and strength. Since there was no stone or wood on their island, the Aztecs used warfare to increase their power .In 1446 Tenochtitlan was badly flooded so Montezuma ordered a great embankment to be built to protect the city. When the Spanish arriver in 1519 more than 300,000 people were living in the city.3. Cortez
Hernan Cortez is one of the most well known conquistors He is best remembered for conquering the Aztec empire and claiming Mexico for Spain .He also helped colonize Cuba became a governor of new Spain.
Cortez was born in 1485 in Medellin,Spain He was the only son of noble,though not wealthy parents .At age 14 ,he was sent to study law at the University of Salamanca ,but he was restless and unhappy.he became fascinated with tales of Christopher…