the secret life of bees

Posted by admin on February 15, 2018 in Articles

Some notes about the secret life of bees:
1- What happened to Roaslen and how the white men were allowed to beat her in jail
2- The picture of black mary
3- How Lily is speaking for Roaslen when they first interred the August house as she cant speak for herself.
4- August explains that she inherited the twenty-eight-acre bee farm from her grandfather, the legacy of African American
5- June makes comments about Lily`s white skin color
6- The religion of the August family is partly catholic and partly self invented
7- Lily compares August to “an African bride,” something that Lily has never seen, of course, but nevertheless something that Lily associates with the far-away, the pure, and the magical
8- Lily does not really question the structure or customs of the Boatwright sisters, even as they might shock her. For example, she overcomes the initial strangeness of praying to the black Mary statue, because she trusts August’s judgment
9- Lily has never seen such a strong community of women, nor has she ever participated in a mystical, self-created religion such as the one practiced in August’s home. She has never witnessed outright displays of depression, nor has she ever felt discriminated against because of her skin color. As a character, August is the living symbol of these new feelings, sensations, and experiences for Lily
10- August understands the power of storytelling to tell truths without pointing fingers or instigating direct confrontation. This ability to tell stories links August and Lily immediately and fundamentally. August uses narratives to understand the world around her. The story August tells Lily about Beatrix the nun has three purposes: First, August uses the story to entertain Lily and to make Lily like and trust her. Second, August uses the story to teach Lily a lesson about leaving—and returning—home. Third, August uses the story to impart to Lily some of her religious faith and trust in the divine.
11- Lily reveals her…