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Julianna Suriel January 21, 2016 Ms. Denman Fairytale Essay
Once upon in a land far, far, far away, there lived a beautiful princess that went by the name Juliette. She had long, loose brunette curls and precious jade green eyes. Every male in the kingdom longed to marry the princess and every girl in Summerville envied her for her perfect looks. In Summerville, the sky is a beautiful blue blanket and the grass is greener than you could imagine. The birds are always chirping and the sun is shining down while everyone is walking around with smiles on their faces.
Everyone in the kingdom had something special about them but, there was one citizen who was extra special. Princess Juliette’s best friend, Darius Zander was a handsome fella. With crystal blue eyes and flawless sun-kissed skin, he was by far the best looking male in all of Summerville and as most men thought, it was an honor he got to be BFF’s with the princess. Darius was considerably strong and intelligent and was always there for Juliette. They had the perfect friendship. Whatever one lacked, the other excelled in, when one needed something, the other had it, no wonder everyone was so jealous of both of them, especially Princess Juliette’s younger sister, Valerie Victoria. Valerie wanted nothing but the worst for her sister. When growing up together, Valerie always made sure she was better than Juliette in everything they did, in school, at the house, grocery shopping, hanging out with friends, Valerie made sure Juliette knew who was boss. Valerie hated the fact that her sister was princess instead of her so one day, she decided to do something about it. On the day of the annual Summerville festival, which occurs on June 21st, while Princess Juliette was getting ready for her grand entrance, Valerie went to meet up with the towns local sorcerer to see what she could do about her obnoxious little sister. She complained to the sorcerer and the sorcerer…