The Effects Divorce Has on Children

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Morgan Sharp
Prof. Hamilton
8 February 2016
The Effects Divorce Has On Children
Today, in society, people are starting to get married at a much younger age. It seems that this might be linked to divorce becoming more apparent in families. Some have this mentality that if you get pregnant, you have to get married. We now have teenagers getting married before they are 20 years of age to someone they think they love because they made a baby with that person. That couple then brings that baby into the world and a lot of the time the marriages are not working anymore. We live in a society where it is all about “me”, and there is not trust within a marriage. What really hurts is when there are children involved in divorce. It can have major effects on a child’s life and impact them in a negative way. The child might start acting out due to their stir of emotions, start to fail academically, and affect them mentally.
Being someone whose parents divorced when I was only 10 years old, I have lived through divorce and remember every detail. I also feel as if I do not have the relationships with my parents that most children have because of their divorce. Divorce is not something that just affects the parents, the children go through a rough time with it as well. It affects them emotionally, sometimes causing dependency, aggressiveness, confusion…etc. The child, usually at a younger age, wouldn’t want to stay the night anywhere without their mom or their dad. Whomever they have the dependency issue with. As a teenager they would act out, using anger. They might isolate themselves from anyone else, because they don’t feel like talking about. From the reading, Separating by John Updike, the father Richard was telling his oldest son how his middle son took the news of their divorce, “he shouted…made a salad of his napkin and told us how much he hated school.”
Children of divorce, especially younger in age, tend to have a harder time in…