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In the video game, Vanish, the antagonist, Jack, may also spawn behind the player when the player hits a dead end in the game. The graphics are preternatural in this game, like all games of the Vanish Series, that you feel like you are in the game. Near the end of Vanish, He calls out in despair, for he has done terrible things, but no one answers. He is consumed by his own fear as the crows frenzy around him, later in a cut scene at the end of the game.
After several tries, Preston also known as Preciseix, started to show less fear and more signs of mental deterioration for each subsequent play through. Each loss only garnered more encouragement from his friends to finish the game.
Amnesia: The Dark Descent is the 2nd installment of the Vanish Series. Other titles in the series, are Outlast, is the 3rd installment, the 4th installment titled Siren: Blood Curse, and the 5th installment is titled Cry of Fear, and the 6th installment, the one that ties it all together, is The Evil Within. “All the games in the Series equally can cause mental deterioration if you play day and night, if YOU play too much like I had to learn, it can give you nightmares, you may think it’s just a game but then it can affect your school life and social life because all you want to do is play ‘em, I had to stop playing Vanish because instead of doing homework, I was playing Vanish. I thought school was unimportant, and that my video games were more important than school but I have to have an education, that if I want to develop a 7th installment, I can because I got the skills for video game developing,” says Preciseix, who now plays games on Friday.
“Games now come after school on Friday, instead of everyday and sure, games are cool and all, but they can cause inflictions with school work, I remember one time, I fell asleep and hit the Fire alarm, and I confessed to playing Vanish until 5 pm, before when I had get up, so I saved and turned it off and jumped into bed right…