The Crucible

Posted by admin on January 9, 2018 in Articles

The Crucible
In Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible”, you learn a lot about the Salem Witch Trials as well as McCarthyism. A crucible is a place or occasion of severe test or trial or a place or situation in which different elements interact to produce something new. As the story goes on, Miller gives you a lot of insight, or understanding of, his characters. Each character had some insight into another and their relationships. Elizabeth, the wife of John Proctor, has a lot of insight into her husband and his affairs. Reverend Hale claims to have insight into the art of witchcraft and even some insight into the girls’ and the accused. John Proctor has insight into his wife and their relationship, as well as Abigail, whom he had an affair with. These characters have insight not only into each other, but into themselves as well.
Elizabeth is married to John Proctor, who is well known in the town of Salem. She knows that John cheated on her, but she still believes that he is a good man. She knows that he feels guilty and that he truly loves Elizabeth and he knows that being with Abby was a mistake. For example, on page 137- Elizabeth says “Do what you will. But let none be your judge. There be no higher judge under Heaven than Proctor is. Forgive me, forgive me John- I never knew such goodness in the world.” I think this shows how she looks at John. To Elizabeth, he is the greatest man in the world just under God. I think this also shows a little insight into Elizabeth herself. She cannot live without John and she loves him no matter what mistakes he has made.
When Reverend Hale first shows up in Salem, I don’t think he knew what to expect. His opinion changes so many times that I question what he truly knew about witchcraft. I do think that he is a smart man who found the truth in a web of lies. When Hale first showed up, he believed the girls just like everyone else. He believed that witchcraft was overtaking the…