The assessment process

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The assessment process
Brandi Frost
February 29, 2016
Lisa ObradovichThe Assessment Process
The first step in the helping process is the assessment phase. In the assessment phase is where the initial contact is made with the client. This is also the phase where professionals evaluate the client and determine their eligibility for services. If it is determined that the client meets the requirements for services, the professional will then begin to gather information about the client. During the information gather part of the assessment process, the client is actively involved. Client involvement ensures the professional is receiving enough information to properly help the client. Gathering information allows the professional to determine what type of services the client will be needing. After the information gathering phase, the professional will discuss the helping process with the client and inform the client that they need to actively participate throughout the process.
The second phase is the planning. During the planning phase, it may become necessary for the professional to gather more information from the client to help determine the exact services the client is in need of. Once the professional has sufficient information, they will begin to put an action plan in place. This plan will include what type of services the client will receive, how services are arranged, what the client can expect throughout the helping process, and the success of the client and services will be evaluated.
The third and final phase is implementation. In the implementation phase the professional and client work to implement the action plan created in the planning phase. The implementation phase should begin as soon as possible. This allows the client to receive help in a timely manner. It does not give clients who may be resistant to receiving help the chance to change their mind.
The three phases are very important. Each phase has…