telecommunication room

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Team Activity10/15/14NT 1310Unit 4 a1b
Paul Canter Project Manager
Alan Hobgood Lead Customer Representative
James Ansbro Project Estimator
Dexter Goode Lead TechnicianWhat is the purpose of a Telecommunications room
Telecommunications rooms are an enclosed area for the housing of telecommunication equipment, cable terminations, and cross connect cabling. Another name that refers to the telecommunication room is the wiring room. This room serves many purposes as the definition explains. One main reason to have a telecommunications room is because you would want to have the material or product secluded from the random access of just anybody. That is a major reason because the tampering of any wiring or any of the equipment can cause issues for the entire network. This room is to hold the networking equipment such as the switches, routers, repeaters, and LAN hubs. Another thing that takes place from the telecommunication room is the origin where the horizontal structure cabling leads from. This cabling is what terminates in your patch panels that are also located in the telecommunications room. Finally the telecommunications room serves a purpose because this is where you back-bone cabling terminates.
Telecommunications Room Sizing
Communications rooms are sized to provide the linear wall footage necessary for routing cable, mounting termination blocks, mounting electronics and other equipment. Size should be a minimum of 100 sq. ft. (minimum width 8′) and provide a 32″ clearance on each side for 19″ electronic equipment racks. The normal is a 10’ x 10’ room. Nationally the formula to calculate the telecommunications room size is: .07m2 x the number of 10m2 work areas. This means the larger the work areas the larger the telecommunications room will be.These TR’s may also contain security, alarm, access control systems. Equipment that is not related to telecommunications should not be installed…