Tee Reel

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Tee Reel life
When it comes to hard working, dedication and talent, Tee Reel is the real man. He was born on June 13, 1980 in Cleveland, Ohio, in the united states. His real name is Jason Toler, but he has many nicknames such as Tee Reel, T.Real and Treal, this name originated from Cleaveland where it meant people who are always about their business and work, people who are ” the real deal”. So he split it in two and made it ”Tee Reel” as a first and last name instead of Treal. With 5 ft 6 tall and 68 kg weight, Tee Reel is one of the most hard working men in the porn industry. In 2004, he became the youngest African American performer to deal with famous porn stars from around the globe. He got a diploma in filming from Columbia College Chicago, where he graduated, and then he begins to work in the mainstream entertainment industry. First, as a music video director for Hip-Hop acts, The Drum Majors and 2 Live Crew. Then he worked on mainstream films such as: Save the Last Dance, Ali and Barbershop. Being a music video director led him to meet many adult film starlets who talked him over joining the business. One time there was a porn performer who didn’t show up and Tee Reel took the opportunity to replace him, and that was life changing for him. In 2003, Reel earned the title of ”the up-and-coming performers to watch” by Adult Video News Magazine. After that, he signed a contract with Red Light District mostly due to his reputation, and because many guys backed off from the biz because of the AIDS epidemic, so he was contacted. In 2004, he made his own production company, known as ” T-Real Entertainment”. He directed many shows such as: Real Interracial, Black Booty and Get Reel. In 2008 he lunched his official website 1stInterracial.com. Later he joined Ideal Image Management and worked as a talent manager in 2011. One thing to note, this unstoppable hard working man has still a lot of plans for the future and a lot to give.
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