technology dependent

Posted by admin on January 26, 2018 in Articles

Applications and websites like google and other technology are making people dependent on technology. With an app like Google, you can simply learn any information you desire with the tap of your fingers. If you need to know the formula to the pythagorean theorem, instead of opening up a math book, and looking for the equation you can simply type it into google and it will tell you that it is A^2+B^2=C^2. Things like google were made to help us but instead people are using it as an excuse to be lazy. Technology is invading everything we do on a daily basis. Even things that you wouldn’t really think of are making us depend on technology like a GPS. Back in the day people took the time to remember how to get to certain places, but now they don’t care enough and depend too much on it to get to places. If people continue to depend on a GPS than they may get lost, and end up in danger if they can’t access one.More and more people are depending on technology and forgetting things that they used to do before they had google like using a dictionary. People don’t take the time to learn new words or definitions. Technology dependent
People depend on google to tell them the definition. Also how to spell the word. Many kids of today’s youth don’t know how to use a dictionary properly.Things like school work are even dependent on technology. Many kids don’t know how to do simple division or multiplication so they depend on a calculator to do the work for them. Students won’t care to do the work if they have a cell phone with them. It will make them, unprepared if they come across a time where they don’t have access to a calculator or phone. This is bad because there are gonna be times where something to do the math isn’t accessible at the time, and it could cause the students to fail a class.With this generation being dependent on technology, unless there is a change made to correct the issue than the problem will continue to get worse as time goes by. This…