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University of Phoenix Material New Hire Communication WorksheetSelect a company you are familiar with. Imagine that you work for the HR department of the company. You are tasked to develop a message to orient new hires to the company culture, process, procedures, and general information.Compose a message for new hires using the three-step process outlined in Ch. 5 of Business Communication.Step 1: PrewritingReview the AIM planning process in Ch. 5 of Business Communication including the “Chapter Takeaway for Creating Effective Messages.”Analyze the situation described above by answering each of the following questions with 1 to 2 paragraphs:1. Review the assignment directions above. What is the purpose of the message the HR employee is tasked to write? The purpose of the message is to let young people understand what is expected of them as they become new employees in the workplace. This memo will give them a general overview of how the company culture works and helps them to understand how to fit in their new position. The memo describes the company’s culture, process, procedures, and overall policies that the employee will be expected to abide by while working there.
2. Who is the audience? What are characteristics shared by the audience that the HR employee should consider when writing the message? What do they already know
The audience is the new employees who are mostly young college students or high school graduates. They all share the characteristics of being young and new to the company. They are all new to having a full time job in the real-world, however they understand and are aware that each company has its own set of rules and policies to help the workplace flow in a safe and secure manner, protecting the employee and the company as a whole.
3. Which communication channel(s) would you choose to deliver the message and why
I would write this information in the form of a Memo and include it with…