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Kayla Sanders
English 111
Paul Resnick
February 8, 2016
When is Technology too much Technology is a very prevalent source of communication in our lives creating mass amounts of opportunities in occupations, education, and even daily situations. Although this is a good thing, when is it taken too far? Keeping in touch with others too far away from face to face communication is easy but is technology keeping us sucked into the virtual world and damaging our human relationships in reality As technology grows, the more and more individuals feel the need to stay socially connected 24/7 whether it deals with texting, social media, or online dating.
As human beings, social interaction is crucial to the way of survival and technology allows us to communicate with individuals not currently local. This creates more ways to reach out to people and keep stabilized bonds with those who are not with us. The only downfall to these devices is if overused they can damage our human relationships. Being connected to our phones gives a way out to avoid contact with other people in our daily lives. This creates social barriers in communication
As technology advances, it becomes more common in younger ages. Not even a decade ago were we on flip phones and now children at the age of eight are getting phones. I believe this is creating social issues and will affect the development of the way this next generation of children will think and act. Director of the MIT Initiative on Technology and Self, Sherry Turkle, discusses the effects on certain individuals and what role technology plays in their lives. One of her stories of a socially awkward girl named Audrey displays how technology gave her a voice but she has no social skills. Turkle further explains her point when Audrey says, “You can write anything you want about yourself; these people don’t know. You can create who you want to be. You can say what kind of stereotype mold you want to fit in without… maybe in real…