Summary of Group Survey

Posted by admin on November 27, 2017 in Articles

Summary of Group Survey
As I did this survey I was able to learn more areas that I was leaving out of the group communication process. Thinking about most of the areas in this survey they all seemed to be an important part of group communication.
When working in a group setting one of the areas I need to work on would be listening to other members of the group. I tend to not listen to others if I think I have the better way. My wife has told me that I need to work more on our humility. Providing emotional support to the group is another area I need to work on. I tend to leave emotion out of work and a lot of the decisions I make and because of that I overlook the emotions of others and that has caused some difficulties in previous groups. Another area I need to start doing is asking questions to clarify the information and make sure the rest of the group is on the same page with the needed goal. Since there is a lot of diversity especially in the workplace and groups are now made up of many different nationalities it is very important to make sure questions are asked to make sure everyone knows what they need to do.
I also saw areas that I excelled in. I tend to be a leader in most groups. One of my best attributes is influencing others to do things my way. Because I like things done a certain way, I tend to always be organized and have clearly developed goals. Although I think that I excel in many of these areas there is still quite a few ways I need to improve on these areas to communicate better in a group aspect.
This survey has made me realize some of the areas I need to improve on, areas that I have not used in the group communication process, and areas that I do good in but could still get better at.