Stress and Distress

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Conflict and Power Roles
Rebecca Jenkins
Cynthia Cucuzza
From the list of films optional, I chose the movie Meet the Parents. This was a movie chosen because it was something that I had seen and know of from experience in my own personal way first hand by what it focuses on. Characters in this movie are: Greg (Ben Stiller), Jack, (Robert De Niro), Kevin (Owen Wilson), and other people involved. Throughout this flick, there are numerous instances where plenty of miscommunication occurs. The lack of truth is presented in different means. This is something which includes malicious, innocent, and selfish attempts of stretching the truth. Throughout the feature, some lies are easily to recognize as reason why the intention was used to dodge reality. At the same time, other mentions require more of an in-depth analysis to determine the motive or general reason behind the lie. The way in which the lie is said also happens to be an important retrospect when examining each type of disbelief. At the beginning of the movie, Greg uses a blatant lie when referencing his life on a farm when he in actuality wound up growing up in Detroit. In the previous scene, Jack discovers Greg reading a magazine article about milking. This of course didn’t work to his favor, as fear of embarrassment would wind up being used as an escape of sorts. Greg did his best in his choice chose to try and act quickly in coming up with a story, claiming he could milk anything. This was of course something which Jack called him out about to see if it were indeed true and he of course could not back up. A lot of the lies that are told throughout this movie were meant as a way to prevent embarrassment, or as often suggested; covering bases. This lie in particular only caused Greg to become flustered at dinner when Jack continued to harass him about his claims from earlier on. In an attempt to try and help Jack…