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Spiritual Discernment and Vocational Counseling
Danny Totten
Liberty UniversityAbstract
The purpose of this assignment is to provide a university lecturer with some information on an article about accessing the will of God through spiritual discernment. The article is by Dennis Horton and the article has a survey at the end of the article. The writer had to write about his personal position as it relates to the 12 factors of the decision-making process that he felt was important. The article asked about the importance of using common sense, consulting the Bible, considering the circumstances looking for doors/windows of opportunity, depending on a sense of inner peace from the Holy Spirit, Consulting with wise counsel, and so forth. The writer also addresses his past and present experiences, and explains a practical application to address the needs of a Christian student that is a third year undergraduate student that is undecided about her major and how the writer would handle that situation as a vocational counselor without imposing any of his person values on that client.
Keywords: Spiritual, discernment, God, decision-making
Spiritual Discernment and Vocational Counseling
Personal Position
I consider common sense as very important. Several years ago, I went to a minister’s conference and a pastor was making an argument about people telling others to use common sense. He stated that common sense was not in the bible. Several days later, I accompanied my pastor to a rural area church in White Town, North Carolina. Upon entering the pastor’s study, we met one of the ministers that were on staff. He asked my pastor and me did we like to preach. My pastor and I both stated that we loved to preach and then he asked us how we would like to preach 24/7. My pastor and me looked at each other and told him no. My pastor and I both stated that there is no way in the world that anyone can do that. The minister looked at us and stated that that was common…