Spiral refined oil equipment

Posted by admin on February 16, 2018 in Articles

The earliest refined oil equipment is called soil squeeze squeeze) (or wood, is one of the most simple refined oil equipment.As technology advances, the rules on the formal mechanical oil, the machine press. Pressing is divided into small oil mill and screw machine of hydraulic press.For these two kinds of machine squeeze, in production could be selected according to different kinds of oil characteristics.At present, the commonly used device is a spiral refined oil equipment.The following details on that.
Ztz125 type spiral refined oil equipment
Ztz125 type refined oil refined oil equipment from 95 type equipment improvement.Compared with the original type 95 refined oil equipment, this machine structure is more reasonable, improve the squeezing effect.This machine has simple operation, stable performance, single light weight, stable running, convenient installation and operation, strong adaptability and other characteristics, suitable for most of the oil in the oil.This machine has both medium and large comprehensive performance of refined oil equipment, but also has many characteristics, small spiral of refined oil equipment and is widely used in small and medium-sized oil and oil mill.
1. The main structure type ztz125 refined oil equipment by the frame and the frame, feeding mechanism, screw press (http://www.palmmill.com/Products/proc/41.html), cage, the regulating mechanism in cake, gear box and transmission device.
(1) feeding mechanism By the cone hopper and bucket inside spiral feeder;People clinker bucket, by spiral feeding shaft inside the hopper, forced feeding refined oil equipment in the bore of the machine, which can effectively prevent the hopper bypass phenomenon.
Chamber (2) pressed by the upper and lower two oil press press cage shell combination, the oil press of refined oil equipment pressing chamber inside the front of the local oil vendors would usually put pressing bar circle, and in the back end of the refined oil equipment pressing…