Something You Pay in Operating Jaw crusher

Posted by admin on January 10, 2018 in Articles

Jaw crusher is usually a new sort of crushed ore equipment with high efficiency. Its characteristic is with tiny volume,huge crushing ratio(up to 40) , much less energy consumption,very simple structure,excellent capacity of production,goods of granularity,and possess the function of selective crushed ore, so its a promising equipment . But the largest drawback is that its plate hammer and counter attack board is specially vulnerable to wear,ought to replace regularly . At present on account of some wear-resisting material seems,Jaw crusher get speedy improvement.
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In practice, the Jaw crusher has a feature of less energy consumption and also granules, but plate hammer and counter attack plate are conveniently broken, so we really should pay focus to sustain lubrication work within the everyday use .
Well-planned installation of Jaw crusher is a vital condition for the efficient. Jaw crusher is the basis for the structure dimensions from the most important parameters to think about. In the major with the impact crusher, to enable adequate space for the demolition on the crushing cone and adjust the set division. In the basic side, it should be enough space for the demolition drive shaft. It ought to look at feeding device, which include the chute, feed hopper, and also other auxiliary gear which have to have space. It really should be have sufficient space for feed room, transport aircraft and connected gear.
Feeding device
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Within the major of Jaw crusher the structure shall be fitted with suitable feeding equipment. Jaw crusher can receive the highest efficiency depends straight on the feeding device. If the amount of feed for the crushing chamber filled with uniform material, Jaw crusher will be capable of reach maximum efficiency. Inside the upkeep of impact crusher, the feeding device structure must be easy to get rid of. Consequently, ahead of decide the structure of feeding device; we should take in-depth…