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Dalton Merry
Intro- Today I’m going to inform you about the shockbox and how it will keep football players safer. Tell the audience to look at the qb. Show video. Ask audience to see if they notice if anything is wrong with the QB. I’m going to tell you what he shockbox is and does, how it was tested, developed, and how it will help prevent future injuries.
Main Pt 1- What the shockbox is and does
A. Concussions per year.
B. Average amount of hits
C uses micro electronic sensors
D.The trainer will look at you for signs and symptoms of a concussion.Main Pt 2- How the tested, developed, and the cost of the product
A. Impakt protective- Danny crossman Scott Clark
B. Wirless sensor sends info to smart phone
C. How it was tested in Pop Warner Football
D. The cost is 150
Main pt 3- How the shockbock helps prevent future engeries from concussions.
A. Talk about players because they did not know to get checked out continued to play with a concussion
B. Talk about the long term affects that will happen if teams did not start to use this product.
C. Suicide Conclusion- Refer back to the main points Summerize it all up. Talk about Jesse Harpor and what he told me. Use your Head don’t Lose your head.Refrences
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