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Sandra Saenz
Midterm Essay Question #3The Second Great Awakening ocurred in the early 1800’s, and became an extremely successful and significant step towards restoring American Religion. During this period, a large amount of religious revivals, also known as “Revival Christianity”, took place in order to convince Non-Christians to convert or to revitalize Christianity and strengthen people’s faith. It generated excitement and hope in church congregations all around the United States. Famous preachers, such as Charles Grandison Finney and Barton Stone, began performing immense religious revivals, such as the famously known Cane Ridge Revival, which happened during the Second Great Awakening and is widely known as the most successful and greatest revival of the Wild West, with nearly 25,000 spectators who traveled large distances to learn more about Christ and seek salvation in conversion. This very first camp meeting took place in Kentucky in 1801, conducted by a group of Evangelical ministers. Its purpose was to gather new members for the church, and it successfully did that after lasting several days and impressing everyone. People were converting and Churches were changing and being revived. Not only did the Second Great Awakening restore people’s faith and brought new members to the church, but it also brought attention to many social movements, and urged Americans to reform the United States. Reformers began protesting for change, as well as inspiring other groups, such as women to fight for women’s rights and more Americans to reject slavery and seek to abolish it once and for all. However, many groups did not find happiness in already established faiths which brought the birth of new religious groups as a result from these revivals. The Second Great Awakening gives birth to Mormonism, that happened in the “burnt over district”, known as the place in New York where most, if not almost all revivals took place and named this for the intense level of…