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Message- The message is that the samurais were extremely loyal to their daimyo, they accepted the orders of their daimyo and denied the shogun who is far more powerful than the daimyo. The shogun was a very powerful man, and the 47 ronin are still respected for that thousands of years later their graves are till their and people respect them for that.
Audience- The intended audience for this document if for students like us learning and to be educated to people will not forget the story of the 47 ronin. This is aimed at students in general. It could also be intended for Japanese’s people who are curious about their history and their traditions and want to learn about it. In japan the 47 ronin story is very important and people still worship it.
Purpose- The purpose of this document is to teach and for people to learn about traditions of the samurai in medieval japan, the author is hoping that the audience will respect the 47 ronin and view them as heroic. The author shows that there was more to the samurai then fighting and combat. It shows that the samurai were very loyal and they would commit seppuku and die honourably in request of tradition. The author shows that the samurai were obedient to their shoguns and they would do what they were told, the samurai were very loyal to their daimyo, they would average their daimyo their daimyo was their master and they respected the daimyo
Significance- This shows the Japanese people are still loyal to the 47 ronin. The graves are kept in order and people still visit them. The 47 ronin are very well known in japan, people are loyal to them and everyone knows about them, the text show that the 47 ronin are considerably significant in japan. The text shows the samurai were very significant in japan and that they protect their country the samurai were very important and much worshiped.