SBE 310 Week 8 Final – Devry

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1. (TCO 1) Approximately what percentage of businesses have a payroll with fewer than 500 people(Points : 5)
10 percent
25 percent
75 percent
99 percent
2. (TCO 1) You have a small business that offers printing services. One of the services you offer is a high-speed color copier. You are currently the only printing service in a tri-state area that offers such a service. You currently have _______.
(Points : 5)
Creative destruction
A competitive advantage
A qualitative advantage
A capital advantage
3. (TCO 1) Your employees are your most valued assets due to their _______.
(Points : 5)
Skill, knowledge, and information
Knowledge of finance and accounting
College degree and high IQ
4. (TCO 1) Entrepreneurship primarily involves which phase of business(Points : 5)
The startup process
Hiring of key employees
Maintaining a positive cash flow
Building and maintaining a sufficient customer base
5. (TCO 1) Which of the following is the most common form of business ownership(Points : 5)
Sole proprietorships
Joint ventures
6. (TCO 4) Which of the following acts was written to prevent large businesses from forming trusts(Points : 5)
Clayton Act
Federal Trade Commission Act
Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
Civil Rights Act of 1964
7. (TCO 4) Bankruptcy remains on a credit report for how many years(Points : 5)
3 years
5 years
7 years
9 years
8. (TCO 4) Peter Drucker stated that businesses have _______ basic functions.
(Points : 5)
9. (TCO 4) Managing inventory can be compared to which of the following(Points : 5)
A balancing act
Preparing for a test
Driving a bus
Lion taming
10. (TCO 4) What is…