richard peck

Posted by admin on January 9, 2018 in Articles

Richard peck was born on august 3 1936 in Wisconsin. He was able to graduate high school at the age of sixteen. He enlisted in the Marine Corps two years later when he was eighteen. He could be selected for flight training, and at the age of 19 he was the youngest officer in the US Marine Corps. He was able to get his PHD in three years and was able to teach English at many prestigious universities, such as university of Virginia, temple, Alabama, and Arizona State. During this time he was able to put together twelve plays, a couple of short stories novel that has been nominated for best science fiction book of the year and many TV scripts. Having all of hose experiences has helped him right the book a long way from Chicago. I think that growing up when he did at the tale end of the depression he realized how poor and terrible America was at that time. This was bale to help relate some of the experiences he had growing up as a kid into the book he wrote. He was able to make a fictional character seem very real and make most of us believe that it had all happened somewhere in the country. All of these accomplishments that he has achieved to help him write this book and create a picture that very few people can and makes us all fall in love with what he has made into a book.
The time period in the book takes place during the depression, which is a major factor into the entire book. If you didn’t know that it happened during the great depression you might ask why is it such a big deal that somebody took something so little and the other person is making such a big deal about it. The depression is why the entire thing is taking place anyways because of the depression they cant live with her parents and is forced to go out and live with her grandma for the summer and she and he is forced to give up the luxuries of living in the city and must embrace the lifestyle of the country. They’re forced to give up cars and people cleaning her nice shoes. And is forced to…