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ulliHello there. This hypnotic experience has been prepared by me, Miss Mia. Especially for your enjoyment. As this is the first of what I hope will be with many sessions spend together. I like to thank you for taking the time right now to find somewhere comfortable and safe to relax while you enjoy my words. Now before I begin, Im going to tell you a little bit about myself because youve agreed to spend time with me here and my words its only right to know a little bit about the person you are trusting your mind to. Hypnosis and our attraction to it often starts with curiosity. You find yourself reading a story or watching a movie and finding yourself wondering is hypnosis real, could i be hypnotized would it feel good. Of course I know now the answer is yes. Once we finish today you will have to tell me you agree. I once allowed myself to follow that curiosity, scanning the internet, flipping page to page, story to story until eventually the whirlwind of words dropped of the doorstep of the special place. The place containing many works of hypnotic fantasies. which you are about to listen to. At this doorstep, having come so far, so close, within touching distance, we absolutely must walk inside. Greeted by three small steps into this place, we progress deeper. The first step across the threshold and down the rabbit hole is a mind opening experience. I learned that within our subconscious we all have a safe place. A zone of calm to call our own. Here we can allow ourselves to become separated from the world around us and just exist. Floating within a sphere of muted perceptions and free from the expectations from the outside world. Stripping on soft, comfortable headphones I laid back and let the words of the first meeting wash over you. A velvet voice, unraveling thoughts and capturing imagination as this listen of future history continues. I tried a number of hypnotic files over the years, developing a ritual, picking the file,…