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TO: Senior TAC
FROM: WOC Appleton
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10 Mar 16
WOC Appleton Autobiography SSG OLEN APPLETON born 18 March 1988 in Kansas City, Missouri. I am married to Jennifer Appleton and have three children ages 8, 5, and 19 months. Their names are Emaleigh, Olen, and Hunter respectfully. I joined the Army in Kansas City, Missouri at the age of 20 in 2008. From there I went to basic training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma and upon graduating I attended AIT at Fort Bliss, Texas. After completing AIT I was chosen to attend Airborne school at Fort Benning, Georgia. After Airborne school my first assignment was HHB 3-4 ADAR at Fort Bragg, NC. After spending 3 years there I was assigned to 2-1 ADA in Camp Carroll, ROK. Upon completion of that assignment I now am assigned to Bravo 3-6 ADA as an instructor writer.

Some of the accomplishments I have received throughout my career start in AIT. During AIT I was selected as Distinguished Honor Graduate and highest APFT score in the class, and that is how I was chosen to attend Airborne school after AIT. I successfully completed airborne school and then went to Fort Bragg for 3 years. During my time at Fort Bragg, NC I completed WLC as a commandants list graduate. I also served as a resiliency training assistant for the battery and scored a 300 on my APFT. While assigned to HHB 3-4 ADAR I worked as a member of S-3 Schools until I was promoted to sergeant with just over 2 years time in service. After being promoted I worked as a squad leader for the force protection platoon for HHB. During that time I trained several soldiers to certify Table VIII on RSOP Crew and trained some soldiers on being a TDA during my short time in Fire Direction Section toward the end of my assignment at HHB 3-4 ADAR. During my assignment to 2-1 ADA Camp Carroll I was promoted to Staff Sergeant with 4 years and 1 month time in service, and I served as the Engagement Control Team Leader for the two years I was there. I…