Quality Management viewpoint

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Quality-Management Viewpoint
02/22/16Quality-Management Viewpoint
“Can the quality-management viewpoint offer guidelines for true managerial success? The quality-management viewpoint, the third category under contemporary perspectives, consists of quality control, quality assurance, and especially the movement of total quality management (TQM) (Kinicki & Williams, 2016, Chapter Quality-Management Viewpoint). Management understanding quality is one of the most important methods of setting the company apart from other competitors, helps add value to the products and services, and provides opportunity to be an example to their subordinates on how important quality is for an organization to be successful in their work ethics, core values, and performances. Quality Control
Quality Control was developed in 1930s and is defined as the strategy for minimizing errors by managing each stage of production (Kinicki & Williams, 2016, Chapter Quality-Management Viewpoint). In order for an organization to manage quality, strategies must be put in place for each production stage to determine the type of errors that could occur and what actions are needed to minimize those errors. For a call center organization, strategies are more likely to be implemented in collecting data from recorded calls from customers. Once the data is collected, guidelines are established on how to handle a call to incorporate method and procedures, federal regulations, and core values. Once each production stage has their tailored guidelines, training is implemented to make sure all employees are on board with the standards required on the calls to meet the customer needs. Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance was developed in 1960s and focuses on the performance of workers, urging employees to strive for ?zero defects? (Kinicki & Williams, 2016, Chapter Quality-Management Viewpoint). Quality assurance is a way for management to beware of any potential weakness…