psychology in my cereer and life

Posted by admin on February 22, 2018 in Articles

Psychology In My Life And Career
I am a Nursing student. I have chosen nursing as a career because it has always been my childhood dream and because I will be fulfilled helping and caring for the sick. When I was young, whenever my family goes to the hospital for check up, it fascinates me to see the medical team working together to help improve and maintain good and quality health of patients. In addition, I will feel fulfilled taking care of those in need of help because helping and catering for people is my passion. Therefore, nursing as a career will be a dream-come-true for me. Another factor that caught my attention as a child was that the nurses are smart, neat and always wear beautiful uniforms.
What I have learnt in psychology will enhance my career and life in so many different ways. My knowledge of psychology will help me stand out as a nurse in my relationship with patients and people around me because it will help me empathize and evaluate patients’ state of mind. Diseases and illness can change patients’ mental states. Therefore, psychology will help in determining the best and effective way to interact with them. As a result; the application of the knowledge gained from psychology will help quicken their recovery.
There are many speculations concerning my career and my future life in which the understanding of psychology can help address. For example, how does my personality fit into my career? How do I handle the stress involved in my career and future life? How do I combine a career in nursing with a life of taking care of my family at home? These and many more speculations are what need to be addressed with the knowledge gained from psychology. This essay covers four main psychological concepts that when analyzed and understood, would enhance my career and life.
The first of these concepts is personality. In our E-book, Personality can be defined as an individual inherent personal way of life or way of thinking and doing things (Deborah…