Project 1-George Lucas

Posted by admin on February 13, 2018 in Articles

Project 1-George Lucas
George Lucas is the creator of some of the most unforgettable and popular films like the “Star Wars Series”, “Indiana Jones Series”, “American Graffiti”, and the list goes on. The reason I chose George Lucas for this paper is very simple…..I LOVE movies! I grew up watching many of his creations in awe and have seen them many times over.
One of the most motivating things about George Lucas’ background for me is the fact that he stated he barely made it through high school and he actually wanted to be a race car driver but was involved in a near-fatal accident days before his high school graduation that put him in the hospital for 3 months and forever changed him. Thankfully he recovered from the accident and went on to study cinematography at Modesto Junior College and then was accepted to The University of Southern California (USC) film school. To me it’s amazing to watch these incredible movies and think that they could have not existed at all and that someone who hardly even graduated high school and almost died is behind these films that capture our imaginations over and over again.
I think the reason George Lucas has been successful is because he is in the business of storytelling and imagination and let’s face it, practically everyone loves movies! He has continued to push the envelope in the movie business not only with his films but with the technologies he has innovated. In 1975 he created a company called Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) because he couldn’t find a company to do the special effects for “Star Wars”. The companies’ first technological breakthrough was a motion-control camera, which would revolve repeatedly around stationary objects while remaining in constant focus, thus simulating flight. He turned this company into a service providing special effects for other film maker’s. In doing this he was essentially using other film maker’s money to research and develop more special effects techniques.
George Lucas…