Problem Solution Paper 520

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Running head: PROBLEM SOLUTION: GENEONEProblem Solution: GeneOne
Wanda Dennis
University of Phoenix
Problem Solution: GeneOne The Gene One scenario involves the business world of gene technology. This paper
will address the issues and concerns facing this company. The stock prices have been
rising sharply, the investors are confident in the biotech industry, and in order for the
company to grow another 40 percent it has to go public. Gene One has to decided to
develop an IPO team for new development such as advertisement and marketing to
remain successful. Even though this company is aware that it has never delt with IPO’s
there will be strategies that must be conquered in order for Gene One to be successful in
this growing field. No plan will lead to a successful endeavor unless the employees are
supportative and focused. These issue will be addressed and discussed in varying
articles. Situation Analysis
Issue and Opportunity Identification Gene One had to address several issues for its survival. There are several
steps that needed to be utilized to add value to its customers. How would it increase
the company stocks along with the investors’ confidence within, the leadership changes.
There was a need that the company had to address with the employee of not knowing
how to go about putting the plan into action. There was not a lot of employees that was
sure that this IPO plan would be effective because of what little time that was given into
for the company to make such a drastic change. There has to be an effective method of
Communication to ensure that the plan is a success. The solutions that led to new opportunities was that public companies tend to gain more capital for the growth of the products and markets, as well as new technologies to be define. It will become a major
competitor for other companies because there are new technologies that is invented…