PRG 420 (Java programming I ) Version 10 Complete Class

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PRG 420 (Java programming I ) Version 10 Complete Class
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PRG 420 Version 10 (v2) Week 1 Individual Assignment Create a Program
Create a program in Java™ that displays “Hello world!” Take a screen shot that shows the program’s successful compilation and execution. Then submit your program along with the screen shot.
Note. No points will be awarded for submitting the program alone.
Discussion Questions
DQ 1 Java™ is a portable language, and being an object-oriented programming language, it also encourages component reusability. How does Java™ achieve these two important features? How are these features desirable in modern software engineeringDQ 2 You are a bank manager and you are helping a new bank teller understand the kind of accounts the bank offers. If a customer comes in asking to open a new savings account, the teller needs to ask what kind of account—passbook savings or certificate of deposit—the customer would like to open. Remind the customer that all accounts with our bank are insured by the FDIC.
You should explain that all accounts earn some interest; a savings account’s interest is compounded monthly. You should assign a unique account number after accepting the customer’s initial depositPRG 420 Version 10 Week 2 (v2) Individual Assignment Simple Commission Calculation Program Part 1
Write a Java™ application using NetBeans™ Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that calculates the total annual compensation of a salesperson. Consider the following factors:
A salesperson will earn a fixed salary of $55000
A salesperson will also receive a commission as a sales incentive. Commission is a percentage of the salesperson’s annual sales. The current commission is 15% of total sales.
The total annual compensation is the fixed salary plus the commission earned.The Java™ application…