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all this nonsense of killings.. what has gone through Iagos mind? I wish this would’ve never happened. I could never imagine othello’s doing to his own beloved desomona, however these past few days he had what seemed at the time a bizzare outrage/fury with destomonda. and now that i know it was a trickery done by Iago with a handkercif. this man iago, killed his own wife, the one whom he supposedly loved. This man, Iago, i could’nt see him doing the things he did. why? what were his motives for such harm onto othello. why would rodrego try to kill me. It must be for jealousy? I do see that Iago fought among the same ground of blood with othello. maybe he felt that othello owed him. maybe he wanted my position? maybe its something else.. it feels like a hundren bells ring in my mind when i speculate about Iagos intentions.
I will never speak to you.
have you no heart? none at all? you murdered your own wife!
If you know, which i suspect you may know. why did rodergo attack me? hmm? whyIAGO
Thats for you to ponder for the rest of your days.
you have no remorse, no fear of the afterlife. I guess, in history we will all remember you as a coward. How can you sit there waiting as your time is up, and generations upon generations will know you for only for one side of the story, I want to know the truth of your intentions.
1) introduction: my dialogue is an imaginary conversation between IAGO and cassio after the end of the play.
2) Like interviewing a killer Cassio turns his interrogation into the curious case of Iago the deviant, the psychology of why this and why that. Iago determind to keep his mouth shut from disclosing his inner thoughts, eventually cracks open.
3) dramtic irony for Iago is that he doesnt feel his own sense of guilt during the process of manipulation. But once cassio reinforces what iago did to others and to himself. he feels sympathy apathy, and remorse. however the time of excution draws…