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The day my son entered this world.
Tammy Powell
ENG 121 English Compensation
Instructor, Karen Risley July 28,2007 about 4 a.m I started to feel funny, I was already 2 weeks over due with my
son. I was a little scared, this was my first pregnancy. I called my sister and she came rushing
right on over.I felt a little better with her by my side. We walked for almost 2 hours, I think she
was enjoying this. I was getting tired and irritated and wanted to lay down. She had so much
energy for it being that early in the morning. I eventually started to feel tired so she finally let
me rest. About 8 a.m I began feeling sick to my stomach so I called the hospital, they told me to
come in. I was very nervous, I was with my boyfriend and he was beginning to be a nervous
wreck which wasn’t helping at all. We finally got to the delivery floor and got registered in. This
is really happening is what I kept saying to myself. I am about to give birth and bring this
precious bundle of joy into this world. I was starting to feel exhausted, I was tired from being up
so early. The contractions were coming harder. It feel like knives were being jammed in my stomach. The doctor finally told me I could get the anesthesia. I was thrilled to hear that. I could
finally relax and that meant my baby was coming soon!!
So I started to dilate but my water has not broke yet. Feeling sad now, I wanted to
experience my water breaking. Oh well, there is nothing I can do about. The nurses came in to
break my water, they kept saying “it should be soon now”. I waited and waited getting anxious
and nervous all at once. I had so many mixed emotions. I was scared and excited at the same
time. My little one was going to be here soon. Will I be a good mother? I kept asking in my head.
I fell asleep and woke up to pressure in the lower end of my stomach. My boyfriend went to get
the Nurse and she came in and said “it’s time, he is…