persuasive message

Posted by admin on January 23, 2018 in Articles

To: All team members
Subject: Share our diverse backgrounds and create more values.
Hello team members:
The Bank of America Merrill Lynch revealed that “diversity and inclusion are good for business and make the company stronger”. Like building a strong company, forming and operating a unitive business team needs team members create values by recognizing and understanding their diversity as strengths. Therefore, I propose that each team member positively share his diverse backgrounds and experiences to others in every group meeting in order to effectively motive us to generate more valuable thoughts.
There is no deny that a healthy group requires rules that make the team perform better. In order to make the propose reach an optimal status, I sincerely hope that we could make an agreement on these rules:
1. We need to actively encourage ourselves and team members to discuss and research different values we have. This rule aims to help us fully understand our individual values and reach an agreement on team values.
2. We should have an one-hundred-percent respect to each other’s cultural diversity and different life experiences. This rule could help us establish a favorable behavior toward each story we talk.
3. We need to regard us as a team and have an awareness that enlarging team benefit is our goal. This agreement is intended to help us have the correct attitude on team work.
I believe those three rules could be helpful and useful for our team to create more values. Since the research found that “if the organizational goal of embedding an inclusive environment is at odds with the values, behaviors, and attitudes of its employees, then inclusion will not be fully achieved and organizational performance will be impacted”, having the right values, behaviors and attitudes assists our group to reach the goal of this propose.
I sincerely hope that my propose that sharing our diversity could help the team create more values. At the meanwhile, I am really…