Performance Management Plan

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Performance Management Plan
December 22, 2014
Jim Scholes
Performance Management Plan
The performance management plan that will be discussed is a management plan that indicates where Clapton Commercial Construction is at this point and where it will be expected to be after expansion. The organization is a commercial construction business and is currently located in Detroit, Michigan. The organization currently has 650 employees and plans to expand to Arizona, thus adding 20% additional employees. The annual net revenue is 10 million with a revenue growth of -3%, which is expected to stay the same at least for the first year. The turnover rate currently is 20% and forecasting same rate after expansion. According to Cascio (2013), there are three requirements that will be met to insure the performance management plan goes well and these are: 1. to define performance, 2. facilitate performance, and 3. encourage performance.
Organizational Performance
Goal setting will be a priority and part of defining performance so the employees will know what is expected to achieve their goals. Specific and challenging goals will be implemented and everyone will know what the organization expects. Managers will measure the extent to which these goals have been accomplished and see if improvement is needed. Finally assessing these goals to find out the progress that is being made will be done and this will leave no doubt with employees as to what is expected, how it will be measured, and where they stand at any given point. Raises will be paid on merit and these appraisals will help in evaluating everybody so there will not be any surprises.
Functions Job Analysis will serve
Facilitating job performance needs to be addressed to provide employees with adequate resources to succeed in job goals and making jobs run smoother. This means having material and supplies on time, and having correct equipment and tools to expedite the jobs. Analyzing the job…