Pasta machine works

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Pasta machine working principle is to put flour through roller relative rotation extrusion forming, then through the nose section before the knife across the piece of cutting, forming a noodles.Noodles depends on the shape of cross section of the specifications of the knife, all models can be installed with different specifications of cut knife, so a machine after changing the face of the different knife can make all kinds of noodles.
Surface of roll
(automatic noodle machine), is a new kind of noodles production line equipment, the machine from feed to to continuous operation, high yield and high efficiency, save time and effort, the advantages of simple operation, the production of noodles good toughness and good taste.Medium-sized noodle machine as follows: the characteristics of the roll surface after grinding machine for fine grinding, smooth and beautiful, smooth surface with uniform, by guaranteed the quality the machine design is reasonable, good noodle USES the array type, reducer and sprocket drive, low noise, compact structure, humanized design, work and effort.And easy operation, safety and health, like eye view.Smooth transmission, the transmission power is accurate, efficient and with small noise, no vibration, superior performance and other characteristics, can form a complete set of small drying equipment, is an ideal product to manufacture large and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises.
Main parts adopt 45 # forged steel gear, roller adopt 45 # seamless steel pipe, after heat treatment, increase the stiffness of the roll out of noodles more light, more stronger.
Second, the performance characteristics
1, adopts gear drive, smooth operation, safe and reliable.
Gear chain transmission
Article 2, USES the automatic pick system, high efficiency and good quality.
3, automatic…