Pasta machine operating characteristics

Posted by admin on January 25, 2018 in Articles

The editor
1. The machine should be installed on a level surface in a dry, ventilated, make sure the machine work stable and reliable.
2. Before the use should check whether power supply voltage is consistent with the machine use;There is a ground symbols of wire core, reliable grounding;Whether to conform to the requirements;According to the graphical position installed along the dustpan and junction dustpan.(to facilitate the packing and shipping, bedding plane dustpan is not installed on the machine)
3. Pasta: products with mix institutions, the reversing switch in the “inverted”, mix the blender running inside the bucket, mix evenly after open feeder switch flour can be automatically excluded.(suggest pasta noodles knife landed, in order to prolong the service life of knife noodles).
Rest 4. Another processing: put the switch in the location of the “cis” rest with another mechanic, mixed flour when the roll kneading pressure should be changed from thick to thin roll gap, the surface thickness to the thickness of 2 ~ 3 times.After repeatedly rubbing pressure can improve the strength and taste, rest of another suggest users to take full advantage of the machine and pressure function.Cut the rest in front of another should be in 3 ~ 5 mm thick, using question paper roll good backup.
Article 5. Cut: 1).Install noodles knife: about grid has two groove, put noodles knife in a groove, noodles and gear of big gear on dao, tighten the butterfly nut to fasten on noodle cutter with a fixed support.
2).Cutter: rest will spare another end by hand in to the rotation of the two roll gap, after again, rolling into noodles knife, cut out, falling into a junction dustpan.The operator shall promptly bring forth, disconnect will cut out the noodles, and in the drying rack.1. The machine should be installed on a level surface…